Enjoyed listening to Another side of Dev Hynes in this expansive recording from last week at Trans Pecos. It’s cool and inspiring to see/hear an artist on his level who is still in touch with underground happenings

Anonymous asked: I go to the school you went to and have v similar taste in music as you. Will you let me be yr protege? Thnks.

Email me jennpelly[at]gmail

Anonymous asked: I love all the music you've shared through your tumblr and recommended on pitchfork. Can you post your people's list ballot? I can't access them through pitchfork anymore

Thanks, I don’t remember much of what was on it but here are some of my favorite albums from that era that come to mind immediately:¬†

Fiona Apple “When the pawn”
Sleater-Kinney “The Woods”
Cat Power “Moon Pix”
Elliott Smith “XO”
Julie Ruin “Julie Ruin”
Spiritualized “Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Floating in Space”
Grouper “Dragging a dead deer up a hill”
PS Eliot “Introverted romance in our troubled minds”
Merchandise “Strange Songs (In the dark)”
Gun Outfit “Possession Sound”
Jefre cantu-ledesma “Love is a stream”

Anonymous asked: How did you get a job with Pitchfork and was it hard?

Started writing when i was 16 never looked back